Simple, easy to follow daily steps towards your goal of a better relationship!

Relationship Reconnect

Hosted by Lynda Chalmers MA, RCC - Professional coach / counsellor for over 20 years

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Tools You Need For A Better Relationship

Feeling like the passion or the playfulness is gone out of the relationship? Maybe there is even an invisible wall between you? These 5 days will change you & your relationship!

Remembering the good times you have forgotten and recreating the playfulness will create that starting point of life-giving zest you are looking for. 


Time commitment:

Only 5 - 10 min per day plus the all-important fast and easy action step of the day.


A private Facebook Group that will support you and that you can support if you choose.

How does it work?
  1. Watch quick videos while you brush your teeth & get ready for your day (or whenever suits you) - video recordings are available on your timing.
  2. Choose a time you will take your action.
  3. Post in our private community on Facebook where there will be daily prizes for those who contribute the most!
  4. Lynda will be in the Facebook Group daily.
  5. There will be a LIVE Q&A session on Wednesday and Friday in the Facebook Group with Lynda.

This challenge encourages you to do something small, every single day making it easy to stay accountable. Take a step towards your goal in small, clear and easy-to-implement steps that get you closer to the result you want - a better connection with your partner!