Journal Up! Mastering Your Mood

I've been writing about Journaling a lot as it is a proven method for managing anxiety, coping with depression and reducing stress.

With the darker Winter days, mood is an issue for a lot of people. With this in mind, I have developed a Package that will help you to utilize your newfound interest in journaling as well as improve your mood. A full year of monthly packages for you with proven tips and advice on improving your mood. Easy and fun colouring exercises help you to see your progress and make changes.

This is a great way to build skills you can use for a lifetime of improved moods! You are what you think. 

Read on to find out more.


Go Get It

You're Worth It

For the cost of just $5 per month you'll get proven tips to help you build lifelong skills.

Track Your Progress

Easily visually track how your mood improves each month using the colour guides.

Just 5 Minutes A Day

A fun & easy colouring exercise and guided advice to help you change your overall mood.

How It Works

Each month I will send you a drawing that represents the month we are in (for instance a heart for February) for you to colour in your mood on a daily basis. This will not be onerous as the space you colour, according to the current day’s mood is tiny. Of course, your mood will not just be one feeling such as happy or sad but maybe a bit of a few feelings. There will be a chart assigning a colour with a feeling so that you can compare month to month and see your positive moods increase as you practice the skills.

Each month I will also send you a mood tip (research based) that really works to build skills to impact your mood. As you follow these suggestions, you will be able to visually track how your mood improves every month. The results will be evident in the change in the colours of your pictures over the year.

The cost is only $59.99 plus tax for the year, about a latte per month! Invest in yourself.

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